HPGe Detectors

Method gamma spectrometric analysis is the basic requirements for providing radiation characteristics of samples of radioactive waste, and for analyzing radio-ecological environment. The most widely used in gamma spectrometry obtained semiconductor detectors (SCD) of high purity germanium (HPGe) or silicon. We offer various types of PPD ORTEC capable of recording gamma rays in a wide energy range.

LB 770/790 10-Channel Alpha-Beta Low-Level Counter with PC-Software AMS

The 10 planchets, each up to 60 mm Ø, are arranged in a matrix consisting of 5 drawers made of copper with 2 samples each. The 10 ultra-flat flow proportional counter tubes are located directly above the planchets. The 10 measuring counters are covered at the top by a large-area flow counter tube acting as common guard counter.
Slider and counter tubes are surrounded by a 100 mm thick shielding made of machined lead bricks (total weight approx. 950 kg). The 11- fold alpha/beta discriminator unit (preamplifier) is located outside the lead shielding. This unit includes in a common housing the pulse preamplifier discriminators with integral discriminators (alpha and beta channels) for direct connection of measuring counter tubes and a discriminator with integral threshold and pulse shaper module for connection of the guard counter tube. It supplies standard pulses to the interface unit.
An updated version of the radiometer – LB 790 has received a number of important improvements

System Sampling Sample Oxidizer

The 307 Sample Oxidizer provides a simple, automatic method of preparation for samples that are otherwise difficult to prepare for liquid scintillation counting. The instrument combusts the sample material in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere with a continuous flow of oxygen to constituent water vapor and carbon dioxide using a patented process to achieve physical separation of 3H and 14C radionuclides into two separate counting vials.


А Nuclear facilities need accurate, reliable, sustained early warning of radiation leaks. The Thermo Scientific™ FHT 6020 Area Monitor Display and Alarms offers maximum reliability for permanent operation within nuclear facilities or environmental networks with up to 16 measurement channels that can process and display data from Thermo Scientific intelligent dose rate probes, FH 40 G series probes as well as analog or digital input. All channels can be operated simultaneously, along with audible and visible alarms, to measure and assess the level of gamma and neutron radiation.
With the exception of the display instrument FH 40 G-X, all FH 40 G versions incorporate an energy-filtered propor- tional detector – no external probe or cable are required for gamma dose rate measurements. The internal proportional detector is always operational while an external detector is connected. The external probes utilized with either model of FH 40 G are “smart” with the calibration parameters loaded automatically with a change of probes.


  • Complete In-situ NDA Gamma-Ray Analysis Solutions for a Wide Variety of Samples including “Free-Release” Decommissioning Waste
  • Measures all common geometries: pipes, cylinders, floors, ceilings, walls, drums, boxes, and soils
  • Easy-roll cart for maneuvering over any surface
  • Wide selection of collimators and shields available for different measurement situations
  • Continuous height adjustment and variable tilt adjustment
  • ISOTOPIC software, proven results on thousands of real-world samples
  • Factory pre-calibrated or calibrate with a single inexpensive mixed isotope point source
  • Flexible reporting: measurement results can be reported in grams or activity (Bq or Ci)

For radiation monitoring personnel the most reasonable solution is to use the electronic direct reading dosimeters capable of measuring dose and dose rate of gamma-not only, but also of beta and neutron radiation. In addition, personal direct reading dosimeters are the only solution that allows operational control doses in remote mode, you need as an emergency repair teams and enterprises of the nuclear industry, and the rapid response team, whose work is related to the elimination of hazards manmade.

Search sources of radiation outside the scope of services, such as border guards, customs officers, anti-terrorist groups, emergency services and law enforcement agencies. In connection with this increasingly becoming popular handheld devices.


Nuclear Medicine

JSC “PRIBORI” is engaged in equipping nuclear medicine facilities with high-precision radiometric equipment, software and modules for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals based on Oxygen-15. The main partner in the field of nuclear medicine is LabLogic (Great Britain), which specializes in the production of software and equipment for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals.
In order to control the entire production cycle of the radiopharmaceuticals, LabLogic developed the laboratory information management system PETra.
PETra is a complete information management system for radiopharmaceuticals synthesis and quality control laboratories.

The PETra software allows you to:

  • to prepare and collect information about patients, when and what drug should be synthesized, what should be its activity, what reagents should be in stock;
  • to control the cyclotron and synthesis modules;
  • perform quality control of radiopharmaceuticals by integrating with Laura (LabLogic) radiochromatographic research software, and also allows you to collect data from dosimeters, gamma-spectrometers, scales, and other monitoring equipment;
  • get the drug and create a final report. As a result, the user receives a packaged drug in numbered ampoules with a report on the parameters of the drug and their compliance with GMP requirements.

Thus, based on the laboratory-based information management system PETra, the company “PRIBORI” JSC can implement integrated solutions for radioisotope laboratories and PET centers.
In addition to the PETra software itself and its adaptation to a specific laboratory, the company “PRIBORI” supplies equipment for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals using HPLC, TLC and gas chromatography methods. At the same time, the software can control not only the radio detector, but also the chromatograph as a whole, as well as perform data analysis in accordance with GMP requirements.

Also, the company “PRIBORI” JSC is a distributor of the THERMO SCIENTIFIC Corporation (USA). The company supplies both individual dose monitoring tools and an automatic radiation monitoring system (ASKRO). The system can include gamma and neutron radiation power detectors, surface alpha and beta radioactive contamination detectors, and other detectors.

Equipment is supplied by Hidex Oy (Finland). In particular, the system of synthesis of water labeled with oxygen 15, which allows to study the work of the blood flow of the heart muscle and brain vessels, is becoming more and more interesting. Being, in addition to the above, an official representative of Ortec (USA), PerkinElme (USA) and other manufacturers, JSC “PRIBORI” can